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Chlorella Benefits

Chlorella Benefits

Chlorella being included in the diet helps in promoting proper immune function by increasing immune activity responses such as the increased activity of natural killer cells and antibody production rates in cases of infection and disease. Chlorella detoxifies the Organs Accumulation of toxins especially those of heavy metals such as mercury in the brain liver […]

Spirulina benefits


The benefits of Spirulina. Both spirulina and chlorella are freshwater algae that are used as nutritional supplements which when incorporated into the diet, they are known to offer a wide range of health benefits. Spirulina and chlorella are available for consumption in the form of powders, capsules and blended spirulina and cholera tablets.  Nutritional content of […]

Bladderwrack & Sea Moss


How these Herbs can be Used Bladderwrack and seamoss are edible types of seaweed algae know to have high nutritional content. Therefore, they are used as dietary supplements with various health benefits and for treating various medical conditions. There are various dietary formulations available for both bladderwrack and Sea moss. Although both herbs can be taken […]