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Ginkgo Biloba & Reishi Mushroom

Ginkgo Biloba and Reishi Mushroom are two great herbs used to jumpstart your health in the right direction. Because both reishi mushroom and ginkgo biloba have body chemistry balancing properties, they help to transition you into a more balanced and healthier lifestyle easily. So before we get into some of the benefits of this complimentary […]


moringa and spirulina

Moringa and Spirulina are commonly known as being two effective natural health supplements. But did you know that moringa and spirulina can also be used in the form of herbal medicine? The moringa tree and the blue-green algae spirulina both contain an abundance of minerals and vitamins making them quite the compatible pair. Using either […]


CHAMOMILE USES Chamomile syrup throughout history has been known to be excellent for adults and children alike. During the 19 century, many health practitioners like naturopaths would recommend chamomile for digestive problems, menstrual cramps, menstruation promotion, and for all other birth related difficulties. You can find chamomile Here. Chamomile & Digestion Many studies support the use […]

Dandelion Echinacea Herbal Remedy

Herbal Remedy Dandelion and Echinacea are two herbs that when combined together create a powerful herbal remedy.  Whether that be for the immune system, infection causing bacteria, or lymphatic support. Herbal remedies are a great place to start when you are just starting out and learning more about natural health. This echinacea and dandelion herbal remedy is […]

Alkaline Recipes | Easy and flexible recipes.

Alkaline recipes

Alkaline Recipes are a such a great way to jumpstart your health in the right direction. Because they contain an abundance of vegetables, they can help you to transition into a healthier lifestyle easily. Before we get into some delicious ingredients that fall within this category, and are suitable to consume during the alkaline diet. […]