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Alkaline Recipes | Easy and flexible recipes.

Alkaline recipes

Alkaline Recipes are a such a great way to jumpstart your health in the right direction. Because they contain an abundance of vegetables, they can help you to transition into a healthier lifestyle easily. Before we get into some delicious ingredients that fall within this category, and are suitable to consume during the alkaline diet. […]

Oregano Oil Benefits and Recipe

Oregano oil

My oregano oil is an aromatic and potent herbal remedy that you can use in recipes, on your skin, or even for medicinal purposes. Herbal remedies are a great place to start when learning more about holistic health. My oregano oil is a simple infused oil that can be added to your at home apothecary. […]


Golden Milk is a delicious and oh so nutritious drink that has an array of health benefits that can make a significant and noticeable change with your health if consumed habitually. Golden Milk is a traditional Indian drink that is normally made with Turmeric, although you can also incorporate ginger and cinnamon for an extra […]