Hand Sanitizer: How to make Hand Sanitizer

How to make Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer right not is sold out almost everywhere you look. With everything thing going on globally with this pandemic, there has been a shortage of hand sanitizer. Today I have two different ways that you can make sanitizer at home with Essential oils. Although there are quite a few essential oils with microbial and anti-bacterial properties, these two that I will be mentioning are some of my favorites(lavender is also a favorite of mine).

Antibacterial Properties

One version  is a hydrating form that is excellent for killing off bacteria. The other version contains alcohol and essential oils. This version is what is recommended to help eliminate bacteria and any traces of viral pathogens or germs. It is imperative however that you make sure when combining your alcohol and other contents that your sanitizer remains with a 60% base alcohol otherwise it will be too diluted and ineffective. Glycerin and Alcohol both work as preservatives and therefore are excellent in combination when making your sanitizer.

Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils that contain Anti-bacterial Properties

Essential oils that have anti-bacterial properties are a great addition to many products that you use on a a regular basis. That also includes homemade sanitizer. The anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties that are found in essential oils help to fight off pathogens that can typically only be removed by washing the hands. However, just

as essential oils can be used for fungus, yeast, and acne, many of them can also be used for the elimination of Bacteria and pathogens. Click the link below to learn more about essential oils and making products at home.

How To Make It

To make your sanitize you only need a few simple ingredients. For the non Alcoholic version you will simple need Aloe Vera Gel, Tea Tree Essential oil, Vitamin E and water. I personally enjoy the combination of Aloe Vera Gel and Vitamin E, the two separate are excellent for the skin. When paired together they work even better in my opinion. Below is the Alcoholic version. A few other how two’s that I enjoy when it comes to the skin are Black Seed Oil and Rose Water.

Debra C.

How to make Hand Sanitizer
Prep Time1 min
Active Time5 mins
Total Time6 mins
Keyword: anti-bacterial, hand sanitizer, homemade hand sanitizer, sanitzer


  • 3/4 70% or 90% Isopropol alcohol depending on preservative
  • 1/4 glycerin
  • 15 drops lemongrass essential oil


  • combine all ingredients and shake well before use.


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