Oregano Oil Benefits and Recipe

Oregano oil

My oregano oil is an aromatic and potent herbal remedy that you can use in recipes, on your skin, or even for medicinal purposes. Herbal remedies are a great place to start when learning more about holistic health. My oregano oil is a simple infused oil that can be added to your at home apothecary. When used for medicinal purposes, infused oils are known to help with a variety of ailments. You can purchase this oil in the form of a capsule or in the form of an oil. With only two simple ingredients, you can make your own oil at home.

You asked, I listened. Following the infused black seed oil video, the oregano oil video is finally here. Herbal remedies are not only easy to make, but they are also really fun to experiment with. Each remedy comes out different and you will become a pro in no time.

Because I like to show you all how to make herbal remedies at home, I also feel it is just as equally important to know what are some of the benefits when using them. So here are a few noted facts below for you to check out:

Research indicates that oregano is known to contain potent flavonoids known as carvacrol and thymol. Carvacrol is known to be the more predominant polyphenol present in oregano. Thymol is known to potentially help with protecting the body against toxins and aiding to fight fungal infections. Thymol is also known to be the predominant compound present in Thyme. You can read more about these potent compounds in this 2016 study.


Oregano oil contains over 50 different compounds with antimicrobial actions. These compounds have the potential to inhibit viruses, parasites, fungal infections, and candida yeast just to name a few. Because these antimicrobial properties are particularly effective against candida infections, it is an excellent herb of choice to use for candida overgrowth. So with that being said, the compounds present in this aromatic herb can be used for medicinal purposes.


Because antioxidants are known to help protect our bodies from free radicals and oxidative stress, using this herb in our food as well will give the body the support it needs. So being that this infused oil contains antioxidants, it can help to minimize the risk of increased DNA damage and cell death when consumed for a short period of time.


Making your own oil at home is so easy and only requires two ingredients. Keep in mind that oregano oil and oregano essential oil are completely different. This is because oregano essential oil is more potent and requires the oil to be directly extracted from the herb itself. Oregano oil however is an infused oil that can be applied externally or taken internally. Also, because oregano oil is very potent, it should only be taken for no more than 5 days.

So in today’s video I’ll show you how to make your oil with only two ingredients. You want to keep this model in mind, because you can also do this with other herbs as well. But with the creativity of this community, I’m sure you’ll find new and fun ways to make other oils as well. When you do, make sure to tag me on Instagram.

Below is another great infused oil you can try as well:


Oregano Oil Recipe

Total Time5 mins
Keyword: herbal remedies, Herbs, Oregano, Oregano Oil
Author: Debra C.


  • Mason Jar
  • Muddler
  • Oregano


  • 1/4 jar Oregano
  • 3/4 jar Olive Oil


  • Place 1/4 of Oregano into jar
  • Use Muddler to release the flavor of the oregano
  • Pour 3/4 cup of Olive Oil over the Oregano and seal mason jar
  • Place near sunlight or window for 2-3 weeks to let the oil infuse.

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