Chlorella Benefits

Chlorella Benefits

Chlorella being included in the diet helps in promoting proper immune function by increasing immune activity responses such as the increased activity of natural killer cells and antibody production rates in cases of infection and disease.

Chlorella detoxifies the Organs

Accumulation of toxins especially those of heavy metals such as mercury in the brain liver and kidneys can be lethal. Consuming this herb helps in reducing the absorption and accumulation of the heavy metals within these organs and enhances their clearance from the body.   The antioxidant nature of chlorophyll compound in chlorella helps in reducing harmful radiations in the body and promote proper immune system function.

Chlorella helps Enhance the skin

The presence of vitamin A, C and the amino acid glutathione in chlorella reduces skin damage as a result of oxidative stress from sun rays. This enhances appearance by reducing aging symptoms such as wrinkle formation.

Lowering blood cholesterol

The antioxidant nature of this herb and its nutritional content of vitamins, fiber, and carotenoids help in reducing overall blood cholesterol in the body. This helps improving heart function by reducing blood pressure.

Lowering blood sugar

Consuming this herb especially in type two diabetic patients helps in activating specific genes within the body that are known to increase insulin sensitivity which in turn reduces high concentrations of blood sugar by promoting storage of excess sugar in muscles and the liver.

Chlorella help to Enhance body weight loss

Incorporating this herb in the diet helps in promoting body metabolism by enhancing the functions of hormones associated with metabolism. This results in body fat breakdown and overall weight loss.

Chlorella Boosts digestion

The fiber content in chlorella helps in enhancing proper digestion and reduces symptoms associated with improper digestions such as bloating.

Promoting eye function

This herb also contains carotenoids which when consumed reduce the rate of eye muscle damage and offer protection to the eyes enhancing their health.

Reducing premenstrual symptoms

Due to its anti-inflammatory nature, mineral and vitamin content, chlorella helps reduce premenstrual pain and cramps and other associated symptoms.

Therefore, it is recommended to include these supplements in the diet. Consuming them is known to be safe although some side effects such as nausea, vomiting, general body weakness, and digestive upset can be experienced. Also, precautions should be taken on consuming spirulina and chlorella health supplements especially with patients with autoimmune diseases, pregnant mothers and children.

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